Humble beginnings

Our co-founders started Storkke in their spare room, known as the 'studio'. The idea approached them when looking for the perfect gift for their soon to arrive niece. A gift that would see her through growth stages while remaining a treasured keepsake as she aged. The perfect gift just didn't exist, so together they set out on the journey to craft high quality products not only for gifting but for everyday life. The Storkke range is designed to be calming and sweet instead of loud and plastic.

They're proud to say - we did this with an uncompromising approach to safety for your bub. 

Our Mission

Storkke is a small Australian business that is committed to sustainability and always working towards a better impact for the environment while retaining the highest quality products and safety.

You may have noticed our store has a love for silicone. Our silicone products are made from high quality silicone, they are manufactored with safety and longevity as our first prioroty. Each product is intended for repeated use and is made to last. Our founders were adamant that they wouldn't work with single use plastics, or materials that wouldn't last, they wanted to do their part in reducing landfill.

Many of our other products are handmade, making them very special. Our founders intended these products to treasured keepsakes that are handed down to future generations. While each handmade product is unique and designs may slightly vary, each one is designed with the highest quality materials, handmade with love.

Safety first

Storkke is made for little ones.

We are committed to providing safe products to every bub. At Storkke we only use high quality materials that are safe. We are committed to little ones and the environment that they will grow in. Our promise to you is that Storkke products contain no hidden nasties!

No BPA . No Phthalates . No Lead . No PVC