Bunny Comforter

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Color Soft White

Storkke bunny comforters are ideal to help bub settle into a good sleeping routine. Made from the highest quality of organic cotton, they ensure bubs safety and comfort. These security blankets are safe for the bubs to hug, play, carry along and settle into a sleep time  

Our baby comforters are designed with knotted edges to allow the baby to experience different touches and soothe their emotions while exercising their auditory system. 

Made from organic cotton<br>Plush head with cotton filling<br>Ideal sleep aid for babies<br>Stitched eyes&nbsp;and nose for bub's safety<br>Size: 30 X 30 cm (excluding head area)

Machine washable cold, tumble dry on low. Do not iron or dry clean.

Suitable for all ages.
Stitched eyes and nose