Activity Book - Everyday Skills Book 2

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Storkke Educational Felt Activity Book encourage curiosity, eagerness to learn and imaginative play. Every page provides an opportunity to learn and develop or enhance important development skills. 

Everyday Skills book 2 stimulates your child's imaginations and develop their fine motor skills and learning new habits like counting, story telling or daily activities.

Our Felt activity books are beautifully handmade - keeps them engaged for hours.

Skills Acquired:
- Numbers and Counting
- Sequencing
- Creative Play
- Fine Motor Skills
- Sensory Play
- Problem Solving
- Mathematical Thinking
- Hand-Eye Coordination

Wipe overly softly with slightly damp cloth.

As this book is handmade of felt, some objects may come loose. This is not a fault with the product, this arise from continuous play. We always encourage supervision with all Storkke products to ensure the safety of children. If parts do come lose you may wish to secure them with glue. If the product is beyond repair or small parts are not secure we recommend disposing of the book.

This book is best suited to children 1 and older. WARNING: Children under 3 MUST be supervised with this book as small parts are present.